Thursday, 26 July 2012

What are the acts made against dog bite molesting?

The law has provided protection to the legal rights of victims who have been attacked, molested or bitten by dogs. This protection has been provisioned by people in form of various laws and acts that have been framed for the dog bite molesting and attacks. The dog bite attorneys help the victims of dog bites to claim their legal right and get an appropriate compensation through law. Dog bite attorneys understand that what traumatic situation the victims of dog attacks might go through and that’s why, these dog bite lawyers lend a helping hand to these victims.

Many acts and laws have been framed for dog bite molesting cases but the most important ones which are often mentioned by dog bite lawyers while handling such cases include the three most important legal considerations, like dog owner’s liability, dangerous dog and first bite free. Let us now discuss these three legal terms related to dog bite.   

Dog Owner’s Liability: Dog owner’s liability includes several responsibilities to be fulfilled from the owner’s side. The dog owner should completely take care of the attitude of his dog. He should understand that whether his dog is behaving normally or not. According to the dog bite lawyers, if the dog owners take care of their dogs, a good percentage of dog bite cases can be reduced. If the owner discovers any abnormal act of his dog, he should restrain or confine his dog so that no one gets victimized.       

Dangerous Dog: A dangerous dog, as per law, has been described as a dog which attacks and molests anyone and this attack or molesting results in severe injuries and wounds. Also, if the dog has been provoked and it bites someone, it is considered as a dangerous dog by any dog bite lawyer.     

First Bite Free Law: Dog bite lawyers often describe the “first bite free law” in dog bite attack cases. Several states follow this law of first- bite –free. According to this law, if the dog has bitten or attacked someone for the very first time, then the owner is held free of any charge. In short, the first bite of the dog is given free to the owner and in case of any adversity, the owner is not charged with any blame or compensation.

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