Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How an Attorney or Lawyer Handles a Personal Injury Case

Since there are many people who do not know as to how exactly an attorney handles a personal injury case In Los Angeles, I decided to write the all essential steps involved in any such case. Here we go!

First visit involves questions-answers

The first time when you visit any attorney’s office you are either given a questionnaire to be filled by you or you are asked several questions. Some firms allow the victim to take away the questionnaire with him and return it as soon as possible after filling the necessary details. Else the victim provides the answers directly and they are noted down. 

Notifying others about retaining personal injury attorneys

Once you have chosen a law firm or a specific advocate and has provided the basic information, it is now turn of the law firm to inform others about this. The information is generally sent through letters and all important persons involved are informed. The insurance company of the victim, the hospitals and doctors involved in the check-up are sent letters informing that victim has hired so and so lawyer. The letters mainly advise these people not to give any information to any defendant insurance company.   

Evaluating the case

The process of evaluation cannot start until the doctor has done all the necessary examination and treatment. Sometimes, the doctor is unable to answer several questions because even he needs to wait until the treatment is done. In turn, the Los Angeles Injury Lawyers have also to wait and such period may take 4-6 months or even more than that. Once the doctor is able to provide all the information after the completion of treatment, the client and attorney sit together and the task of evaluating the case begins.  

Filing the lawsuit

After a certain settlement figure is decided for the case, the advocate approaches the client’s insurance company and asks for the settlement. If the decided amount is not accepted by it, the lawsuit is filed as per client’s wish. If the victim wants to start a personal injury lawsuit immediately, the same can be done with the help of the appropriate La Personal Injury Attorney. Once the lawsuit gets started, both the parties have full right to obtain the case information through medical examination or by discovery deposition.  

And begins the trial!

You might not believe it but it is true that most of the cases are not tried even after the beginning of a lawsuit for them. The reason is that these cases get settled before the trial. But even after this settlement if you think that you were denied of the right compensatory amount, you can always take help of the attorneys for the proceedings of a trial.